TP Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring

Inc. vat
  • Control on the Go 
  • Track Your Energy Use
  • Slim and Sleek Design 
  • Hands-Free Control 
  • Follows Your Routine
  • Certified Safe
  • Control Your Whole Home 

Discover if your family is leaving the living room lamp on too long by checking your real-time energy consumption at a glance with energy monitoring. Further reduce unnecessary energy loss and lower your electric bills with the Schedule and Timer. Not sure whether you switched your curling iron off after leaving home? Double check and control it remotely on your phone or tablet to save energy and avoid electrical hazards. Don’t worry about blocking an adjacent plug. With its sleek, compact design and integrated switch, you’ll always have enough room to power your devices on and off. Rather than leaving a light on at home while you’re away, set your plugged-in lamps to turn on and off randomly. This way you’ll save energy while making it look like someone’s home. You’re bound to have more than one smart device in your home. With Group Control, seamlessly control your smart plug and other Kasa devices all with a single tap of your phone.