TP Link Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi (1-Pack)

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  • Seamless Wi-Fi in every room: Add up to an extra 2000 sq ft of coverage with high performance Wi-Fi, for even more coverage, you can use up to 10 Deco M5 units on a single network
  • Secure Wi-Fi for everyone: Get the secure whole-home Wi-Fi with HomeCare protecting every device at no additional cost for 3 years
  • Easy setup in minutes: Download the TP-Link Deco app, plug in your system and follow the instructions to get your home network up and running in minutes
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa: Control your home network using voice commands and more fun to use different apps and devices
  • Comes with 3 years manufacturer's warranty
  • Router/Wi-Fi booster replacement
  • Product dimensions: 120 x 120 x 38 mm (WxHxD)

TP-Link Deco M5 Wi-Fi mesh provides a seamless, secure and speedy Wi-Fi for Every Room. Whether you’re watching a movie, gaming online or running your home with smart products, you should never have to worry about your Wi-Fi. Each Deco M5 single unit can deliver up to 2,000 sq feet (2-pack) of seamless Wi-Fi. With Deco M5, you never have to stop what you’re doing to switch networks or reset your router and to keep all your connections strong, TP-LINK developed ART (Adaptive Routing Technology), which automatically chooses the best path for all your devices to keep your Wi-Fi running as fast as possible. TP-LINK have families, too and believe the only limits your Wi-Fi should have are the ones you choose for your home. TP-Link Homecare gives Deco M5, one of the most comprehensive security of any whole-home Wi-Fi system, so every device on your network is automatically protected from security threats. Homecare also includes powerful parental controls that are easy to use right from the Deco app on your smartphone.

Deco M5(1-pack)