Nokia 6310

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  • The new Nokia 6310 takes the iconic silhouette of the original and brings it up to date. With some great new additions such as a large curved screen which improves accessibility. As well as a host of classic features you know and love – a wireless FM radio, an impressive battery that can go weeks between charges and let’s not forget the classic Snake. All of these features are built into a tough shell so that it can take life’s bumps. Nokia 6310 is the familiar phone, for the modern world. 
  • Product dimensions: 135.5*56.0*14.1mm

A modern classic reimagined. The new Nokia 6310 has been reimagined for 2021, with bigger buttons and a 2.8” curved window screen. It’s all fun & games. Not just a phone that helps you connect, Nokia 6310 helps you unwind. It comes with the classic Snake game, as well as a Wireless FM radio, so you can enjoy music, catch up on the news, or listen to sports.